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    The Archeological Sandwich

    ‘Forget geofencing, get involved with the market fresh BLT (Blurred Landscape Territories)’

    Taking the form of a simulated dry stone wall Bausager’s project revolves around the history of the hedge. Bausager is interested in how these low wall structures not only transform landscapes and are themselves transformed over time, but also how these movements speak of boundaries that cannot be seen. Focusing on shifting cultural and natural separations of space, the work reflects on the genealogy and continual reshuffling of contemporary material forms. “An iconic image within the British countryside, hedges have been an important part of human development throughout time. Hedges are now being ripped out of the landscape to make way for large scale farming. Ancient field systems are being devoured and thrown away. These natural configurations of many different plants should be seen as future artefacts, worth preserving and recording so as to better be able to read the history of our agricultural past. Within my work, I’ve tried to explore ideas of fluidity within a representation of history. I’ve imagined the wall continuing its rebirths into the future. Commenting on the now ever present throw away culture of synthetic materials, the wall is not only built of natural flora and fauna, the stones are paired with clothing, trash and single use objects. To take this idea further, the wall in its entirety becomes completely synthetic. The rocks are representations of rocks. They carry no apparent weight and are wrapped with a ‘skin’ of rock-like textures. Each moment in time that the hedge has carried significance whether it be socially, economically or politically, has now been represented as an object. The objects are forms from our time of over consumption. They are seen as shoes, plastic bags and energy drink cans but are also cloaked with a ‘skin’ of graphic imagery to direct the viewer to the time period in which the significant moment occurred. The wall becomes a jumbled visual representation of how the hedge has impacted people over time.”


    Kunsthal Charlottenborg

    photos by David Stjernholm