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  • The Dunes; Going, Going Gone


    The Dune: Going, Going, Gone seeks to investigate the human interaction with nature in an area where coastal protection, windbreaks, and dykes are human remains of a continuous battle with nature's uncontrollable transformations of landscape and life. Emilie Bausager examines the borders between what is real nature and what is man-made landscape in light of the contemporary conditions concerning romanticized narratives, tourism, and commercialization of nature and natural sites.

    Feline Hjermind’s newly produced video installation examines our everyday moments and landscapes and transforms them into graphic moving images. They reveal hidden patterns, movements, and perspectives of these well-known situations and landscapes.

    The exhibition questions the human connection to nature as a phenomenon and thereby shines light upon the paradox between man’s eternal trials to control the natural forces and his fascination and romantic idea of nature as an aesthetic space and refuge.

    The Dune: Going, Going, Gone is exhibited in Skagen and is created with inspiration from the drifting sand in Vendsyssel and sights such as Råbjerg Mile and the Sand Buried Church. The exhibition is kindly supported by Statens Kunstfond, Region Nordjylland, Frederikshavn Kommune, 15. Juni Fonden, and Knud Højgaards Fond.

    The exhibition is Curated by Skal Contemporary.

    Text written by Skal Contemporary.