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  • Emilie Bausager creates gardens with the idea of creating places that combine flexibilty and structure while still preserving the beauty of nature — creating multifunctional spaces where you can feel close to culture and nature. Emilies' approach is descriped underneath in seven steps that will help create an overview of the process that will take place when collaborating with Emilie Bausager and create the smoothest approach for your project

    1. Initial meeting
    A first meeting is organised preferably on site to get a sense of the space and what the garden needs to function for. We may discuss preferences of style, material and several ideas for how the space could work.

    2. Concept
    Initial concept to focus on the atmosphere and main vision for the garden. Visual renders and mood boards will aid in presenting how the garden could look and what features will be placed within the garden.

    3. Finalised Concept
    At this stage a finalised concept and layout with 3d visuals is presented. A planting presentation and list is also discussed to configure how each area of planting will look and what the colour and texture palette will be throughout.

    4. Measured Layouts
    Measured layouts and construction detailing are provided with attention to a lighting plan, watering plan and any other extra structural features that may be needed.

    5. Costing Project
    Meetings with landscapers to get a final cost of the project including materials and labour. Pots, furniture and any additional features added to the budget at this stage.

    6. Site inspections and planting
    During the build stage visits to make sure all is progressing smoothly and following the design. Plants ordered and planting is completed. Consequently, a detailed inspection of the finished project is carried out.

    7. Maintenance and Aftercare
    A maintenance package can be created and aftercare can be organised to make sure the space lasts for many years to come.