Dorothy and the three fates

Dorothy and the three fates.

The works role is to exist fluidly throughout the life of the west indian warehouse. As the past, it embodies feelings of adversity and appropriation. A desperation of wanting to return home from an unknown land and having no control over doing so. A mantra that can be repeated indefinitely. 

Presently Sitting amongst two thousand copies, the work tries to camouflage itself as all the others to no avail. It balances on the ledge, both in and outside the building, watching as ships enter the port. What anecdotes lie within these walls? And what of their originals?

finally, the work has changed its form again. This time plastered to the newly constructed wall of a one bedroom new yorker apartment, gracefully positioned beside the dining table. The home is new, the building is old and the work helps the owner stake their claim on the part of it that they now own. As the owner sleeps, the work whispers to itself next door creating a chain of vinyl Chinese whispers until all the copies of itself sing in unison.



Plaster of Paris I and II

the royal plaster cast collection at the west indian warehouse