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  • Chelsea Flower Show

    Year: 2023

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    Our garden designed and built for Chelsea flower show is called ‘The Platform garden’. The garden is imagined as an overground train platform of the future. A green, lush space for commuters to enjoy that encourages education about growing produce and biodiversity.

    Designed in collaboration with Amelia Bouquet and built by Andrew Jackson landscapes.

    We want to get people talking and thinking about the unused green potential of overground train platforms, taking aesthetic inspiration from graphic retro materials found across the London transport system whilst emphasising the practical possibility of this infrastructure in the city and beyond.

    Our design features several re purposed concrete elements, showing how disused bins/paving can be given life beyond their intended purpose, several rain water harvesting techniques, drought tolerant planting and means of composting - all designed for a compact train platform.

    the garden is built to support Energy garden. Energy Garden do important work around London, greening up platforms with community gardening groups, generating solar energy and even making their own honey and beer! In collaboration with them and their community groups we will be planting the our Chelsea garden and rebuilding it afterwards at a London train station.

    We are incredibly lucky to have IOTA sponsoring our metal work for the garden.

    photos by Helen Skelton and Chris Snook.