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  • Hospice Søndergaard

    Year: 2022


    At Hospice Søndergaard we rebuilt their garden using the plants and materials from my Show garden at CPH Garden 2022.

    We created several platforms with easier access to allow for residents to get down to the lake but also for the different bands and entertainment booked to have a platform to perform to all of the residents so they can sit on their individual porches.

    the planting was kept to a naturalistic pallette but using many flowering plants to change with the seasons and grasses to create movement and interest. The plants encourage wildlife which is a welcomed addition to the garden for the residents.

    the metal platforms are used for seating and as sculptural elements in the garden.

    Thank you to Kirkegaard Anlaegsgartner, Zurface, gardena, nybo planteskole og Martlev enterprise.